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my summer, in a summary

this had to have been one of the weirdest/ most unsettling summers of my entire life. reverse culture shock hit me so hard. i had to learn how to regress from most of the independence i had developed while living on my own in florence in order to basically “survive” living at home again. it was like too torturous trying to sustain my independence at home when there was literally nothing to do that made me feel independent. i am not explaining this well. anyways so during this horrible reverse culture shock i then had to get over the horrible feeling of abandonment, between not seeing my abroad friends every day anymore to the two “important” people in my life who basically vanished, for basically no reason.

eventually i got sick of moping and crying in public (yes, i cried in a forever21 dressing room for 20 minutes one day). i knew i had to find ways to make the best of my summer home. and i really think i ended up doing a fantastic job. i got an amazingly rewarding internship where i had the best supervisor i have ever had, who not only was a great person to work with but also made me feel IMPORTANT and VALUED again since having come home from italy/having those two “vanishing jerks” make me feel anything but. During the first few weeks of my internship I would sprint onto the earliest train to get home but then I realized what the hell is the point of rushing home to do nothing so I started taking advantage of being in the city and met with different friends for dinners every week or I would go to concerts or I would just hang out and explore new neighborhoods. i also found a really fun, rewarding job as a hostess at a restaurant where i met a lot of nice people and got paid to socialize/interact with customers. i took advantage of the perks of my old internship at summerstage and got to attend Andrew Bird and Conor Oberst concerts VIP, as well as attend  other cool events and concerts thanks to my internship from this summer.

And most importantly, while it was a really hard, and still even today kind of an upsetting lesson, I think this was the summer that I really learned who my true friends are. It was really lame and depressing not hanging out with all the people I usually see over the summer, but it’s made me appreciate the friendships from home that I not only still have, but that I also see continuing thriving as we are getting older. It was perhaps the rockiest start to a summer I’ve ever experienced, but in the end, I survived. And now it’s over, and thank god it will just be a memory that I can finally move on from. 

Looking forward to the future… I turn 21 on Sunday!!!!! And I am so excited for my senior year of college. I know it’s gonna go so fast though… so I am definitely planning on just enjoying moments and not getting too caught up in anything. I refuse to let anything get me too upset or caught up in negative situations because that just sounds so… lame.

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