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Tbh i forget what its like having friends to hang out with ..no wonder why this summer has been so damn depressing

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  • str8 boy @ the party: *talks abt weed*
  • me: *chugs moscato*
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    me everyday:


    This has literally been me every day this summer

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    BEWARE: smoking weed can have dangerous side effects, such as never shutting the fuck up about the fact you smoke weed

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    RIP julia’s tinder account

    I feel that the time has come for me to discontinue using Tinder. I was one of the “first people to use it” when a friend showed it to me at Keene, and it’s been quite a long journey since on that app. However all things must come to an end and I honestly have had enough with it at this point. There were some good times, some bad, and some weird. It provided me opportunities to talk to guys at Keene i never would’ve had the chance to otherwise. Because of tinder i met the greatest guy i probably have ever dated (despite it failing). But now i think it has served its purpose for me and for that I’m thankful but I’m really over it. So RIP you weird app, you.

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    kings-among-runaways: Hey Julia! I was just looking through your blog (wow that sounds creepy) and I saw you went to an Andrew Bird concert. That wouldn't happen to be at Summerstage, would it? Because I was there too! How did you like it? I was up at the front and actually ended up next to a guy who knew the opening act, Luke Temple, and got to talk to him for a few minutes after the show when my friend and I saw them by the merch booth (really nice guy). How did you end up near Julia Stiles? Did you talk to her?

    Noo way! We have such a knack for going to the same shows but not seeing each other haha what the heck! that sounds awesome though wow i bet it was such a cool show to see up front. Summerstage is the best venue (but i guess I’m biased since i interned there last summer). Yeah so since i worked there my boss put me in the vip tent in the back which was nice and relaxing but i do prefer to be up close to the stage! Seeing any other shows this summer?

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